With the announcement today that it will continue its activities throughout the spring term, the Phi Beta Kappa tutoring bureau puts the capstone upon a career so notable for unselfish service as to be almost inexplicable to common men. For several years the members of the bureau have been quietly helping their less successful follows to pass their less successful follows to pass their mid-year examinations. The absence of any charge for this service places the work upon a plane of undiluted self-sacrifice, since the teaching experience is of such a specialized nature that it must seldom be of any future use.

The instruction offered by this institution is purposely not of the spot-passage memorize-this-and-you'll-get-a-C sort of thing obtainable at a tutoring school. Perhaps as howhere else at Harvard this band of volunteers offers to teach men confused by the freedom of college the proper methods of correlating and assimilating the information given out in books and lectures. Proper recognition of such unselfish effort may scarcely be expected, but there are many to whom this work has been a boon in the past who will be grateful for the proposed extension of the present admirable aims of this organization.