Competitors to Treat Industrialism in France--Comite-Amerique Contest to Start Tomorrow

Trials to select men who will compete for two French oratorical prizes will be held tonight and tomorrow night at 7.30 o'clock in Sever 36.

The preliminaries for the Pasteur Debate will take place this evening. Candidates will speak in English for five minutes on the subject: "Resolved, That, as opposed to Mr. Siegfried's opinion. French industry may adopt American methods of mass production without fear of compromising its individualistic advantages." The judges, Professor R. L. Hawkins '03, and Dr. A. C. Sprague '21, will choose six men from the group appearing tonight, as the ones who are to speak in the finals on May 2 in Paine Hall.

The winner of the debate is given the Pasteur Medal. This award was established and first presented in 1898 by Baron Pierre de Coubertin, to be awarded annually to the best debater on a subject drawn from contemporary French politics. While the speeches are always in English, the administration of the prize is in the hands of the French Department.

Tomorrow evening will see the trials for the Comite France Amerique Competition. Candidates will speak in French for five minutes on any subject pertaining to France, and will be judged by Professor Hawkins, Professor L. J. A. Mercier, and Mr. E. L. Raiche. The men chosen for the finals will give declamations in French "on some subject drawn from the history of French civilization" the victor is awarded La Medaille France Amerique.

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