University of Virgina Shows Stiff Opposition in Close Match-Other Rivals Are Week

Four victories and no defeats was the record made by the Harvard tennis team during the past week on its southern stay at Norfolk, Virgina. Two of the matches were won by clean sweeps while victory in the other matches came by scores of 7 to 2 and 5 to 4.

Opening the week's play on Tuesday, Harvard ran roughly over the University of Richmond team taking all matches for a score of 9 to 0. Every Harvard man won his matches in straight sets with Captain B. H. Whitbeck '29 and Arthur Ingraham Jr. '30 showing the best form.

On Wednesday Harvard played the William and Mary team and won all six singles matches handily. The doubles were halted by rain. Captain B. H. Whitbeck '29 was the only one forced to go three sets, beating Wiggins 6-2, 3-6, 6-3.

Playing against the Norfolk, Country Club on Thursday the Crimson netmen again started out to make it a clean sweep by taking the six singles matches and the first doubles match, but here their streak was stopped when the two remaining doubles combinations lost in three sets after they had taken the opening set.

Friday found the Harvard team up against Virginia University which furnished the stiffest opposition of the entire stay but Coach Cowle's men managed to eke out a 5 to 4 victory in a series of matches in which much sparkling tennis was displayed. The two teams divided the singles matches and it was Harvard's 2 to 1 edge in the doubles that gave them victory. The feature matches were Whitbeck's defeat by C. Alphonso Smith, national star and Ingraham's three set victory over Taylor.