At exactly five minutes past one today a fire engine of the Cambridge Catamounts, historic New England fire-fighting aggregation, drawn by six "Fire B'hoys" will make its appearance on Harvard square.

The engine, the one to be used by the Hasty Pudding Club for its production, "Fireman, Save my Child" will start from an unrevealed place on Church Street and go up to the Square. After going around the rotunda the engine will proceed by way of the college yard to the "station house" on Holyoke St. The apparatus is an exact reproduction of the original engine used by the Catamounts. R. McH. Chilson '31, J. C. Fiske '30, J. B. Garrison '31, E. L. Gates '30, Barrett Hoyt '30, and Pliny Jewell, Jr. '31, who will be garbed in the costumes of the "Fire B' hoys" will pull the engine on its maiden trip.