Announcement of the Advocate's plans for new and adequate quarters will be welcome news to all interested in Harvard undergraduate literary activity. The younger contemporaries of the University's oldest student publication can only look on with pleasure as the remaining unit of undergraduate journalism becomes completely housed in a modern building. It is deserving of note that this new home of Pegasus is to be built in the Georgian style and harmonious with the building plans of the University.

As the Advocate erects this new symbol of her success, one hopes that her progress is of an un-mixed nature. Should expansion necessitate further extension of the club element in what is essentially an all-Harvard enterprise, no number of new buildings would be compensation. An ambitious building program might easily lead to a situation that would limit the scope and possibilities of the Advocate as an organ of student literary expression. New quarters to meet the needs of the day are not only desirable but necessary, but these quarters should definitely remain those of a publication and an over emphasis of their social usefulness ought not to follow.

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