In spite of several exceedingly close individual matches the University golf team suffered two defeats in New Haven on Saturday, losing to Georgetown in the morning and to Princeton in the afternoon.

The feature match of the morning's play was that between McCarthy of Georgetown and Phillips Finlay '31. On the 17 hole they were even up, but Finlay slumped on the 18 to lose 1 up. Several of the other matches were close, but the play of the number one men attracted the most attention.

Again in the afternoon Finlay's was the feature match when he lost to Dunlap of Princeton 1 up on the eighteenth. In spite of the extreme difficulty of the Yale course several very good scores were handed in.

By the result of Friday's match in which Harvard defeated Pennsylvania, the Crimson players advanced themselves in the ranking of the College Golf League, but Saturday's defeats make their chances of winning the league championship void.

The summary:

Georgetown--Two-somes: McCarthy (G) defeated Finlay, 1 up; Flanagan (G) defeated Arnold, 1 up; 19 holes; Murphy defeated Wilson (G), 1 up; Baldwin and Foley (G), halved match; Beger (G) defeated Filoon, 5 and 4; Bride (G) defeated Johnson, 3 and 1.

Four-somes: Finlay and Arnold defeated McCarthy and Flanagan (G), 2 and 1; Murphy and Baldwin defeated Wilson and Foley (G), 1 up; Beger and Bride (G) defeated Wilson and Johnson, 4 and 3.

Princeton--Two-somes: Dunlap (P) defeated Finlay, 1 up; Arnold defeated McWilliams (P), 1 up; Stevens (P) defeated Murphy, 6 and 5; W. Hersey (P) defeated Baldwin, 5 and 4; Koehn (P) defeated Filoon, 5 and 4; F. Hersey (P) defeated Johnson, 5 and 4.

Four-somes: Dunlay and McWilliams (P) defeated Finlay and Arnold, match halved; Stevens and W. Hersey (P) defeated Murphy and Baldwin, 4 and 3; Koehn and F. Hersey (P) defeated Filoon and Johnson, 5 and 4.