The Crimson Playgoer

University Theatre Now Showing "The Divine Lady" With Corinne Griffith--Also a Skit by Clark and McCullough

The program at the University Theatre this week offers two bits of better than usual quality. The leading picture is the story of Horatio Nelson and Ema Hart. This is admirably presented with Victor Varconi and Corinne Griffith in the leading roles and ably assisted by H.B. Warner. These three give well-shaded characterizations in what is a rather elaborate picture. If there is any main fault to be found with this offering it is the overabundance of material. The scenes follow in such profusion that at times the thread of the story is completely lost but in spite of the occasional tedium the two naval encounters make up for many defects, being as good as any ever filmed.

As a light chaser "The Diplomats" is offered. Therein Clark and McCullough scatter their drollery managing to concoct several good lines and comic situations.