Announcement of the raising, by the Association of Harvard Chemists, of a fund of over $7,000 to help endow the Department of Chemistry, was made last night by H. M. Chadwell, Ph.D. '24, Secretary-Treasurer of the Endowment Fund Committee of the Association. The money will be turned over to the University, to be used, for the present, in any way which the Department sees fit; later, it is expected that the fund will go to the benefit of the Chemistry divisional library.

The decision to raise the money was reached last September at a meeting of the American Chemical Society at Swampscott, when the need for such a fund was discussed, and a committee formed in supervise the raising-of a sufficient sum. At that time, Edward Malinckrodt '00, donor of the Edward Mallinckrodt Chemical Laboratory, offered to give the amount of $2,000, provided that $5,000, were raised in addition. The necessary total was reached this spring, and the fund now stands at $7,133., of which $5,571.50 has been already given and $1,381.50 pledged.

Membership in the Association of Harvard Chemists is open to all those who graduate from Harvard, having concentrated in the field of chemistry. The purposes of the organization are to aid the Division of Chemistry at Harvard in any way possible, to further good fellowship among Harvard chemists by meeting at each convention of the American Chemical Society and occasionally in Cambridge, and to aid its members in their professional advance through its Employment Committee of which Professor Grinnell Jones of the Chemistry Department is Chairman.