Similar Sums are Left Seven Other Institutions--N. E. Conservatory of Music Benefits

According to the terms of the will of C. H. Ditson, famous music publisher, $100,000 to be used for musical education is left to Harvard University, it was announced yesterday.

The will directs that the money be used in "establishing a fund, the income of which shall be used for any one or more of the purposes herein mentioned as shall be in the judgment of the officers of the college of greatest benefit musically to the college, to wit: In establishing and maintaining a chair or chairs of music or musical history or musical aesthetics or in establishing and maintaining scholarships or fellowships in music, or in giving public performances of the musical compositions of talented students and graduates of the college, and if preferred of other musical composers."

"Such fund," the will adds, "to be known as the James Edward Ditson Endowment, and any chair, or scholarship or fellowship, which is established to bear his name; but nothing herein shall prevent said president and fellows of Harvard College from investing the money as part of their general fund and applying a proportionate part of the income of their general fund to the purposes of this bequest."

Similar sums are bequeathed to seven other educational institutions, including Yale, Columbia, Princeton, the New England Conservatory of Music, Chicago Musical College, the College of Music of Cincinnati, and the Ann Arbor School of Music of the University of Michigan.

What Harvard proposes to do with the money could not be ascertained at a late hour last night, as it was not possible to get in touch with any member of the Department of Music.