The unusually generous bequest of Mr. Charles H. Ditson to the muscle department puts at its disposal a relatively large annual income. The terms of the gift allow a wide range of usefulness for the money and will give an opportunity to the Music department for varying somewhat its present functions.

The first thing that presents itself is the employment of the fund for the presentation of more concerns during the year in Paine Hall. At present the Whiting Concerts form the principal and practically the only opportunity offered by the Music department of hearing visiting artists.

Many besides concentrators in music regularly attend these affairs, and the more frequent local concerts occur in the future the easier it will be to establish the habit of going to them among the student body. If for instance one knew that on a certain day of each week or even each alternate week there was to be a concert, he would get into the habit of always keeping that evening free, a custom quite common in the English Universities. The conditions of the present gift easily allow of such use and the fact that many Universities far outdistance Harvard in this field demands that the Music department give careful attention to its possibilities.