Undefeated Southpaw May Seek to Add Crimson to List of Victims--Page, MacHale Will Brave Purple Bets

HARVARD  HOLY CROSS Bassett, c.f.  2b., Harrell Nugent, 2b.  c.f., Fisher McGrath, s.s.  1b., Shevlin Donaghy, 3b.  l.f., Hurley Prior, 1b.  s.s., Ryan Gilligan, r.f.  r.f., Lawrence Ticknor, l.f.  3b., Cahill or Shanahan Dudley, c.  c., Phelan Page or MacHale,  p. p., Hebert or Nekola

With the mythical championship of Eastern College nines now visibly within its reach, the Holy Cross baseball nine will array its forces in diamond encounter against the Crimson team at 3 o'clock this afternoon on Soldiers Field. This is the second tilt of the annual two-game series, the first of which the Crusader sluggers annexed last Saturday, 10 to 3. The Harvard aggregation should do better this afternoon, back in its own bailiwick, than it did last week on Worcester soil, but the struggle is sure to be keenly contested even if the Harvard pitching staff is able to seem the Holy Cross slugging, and about this there is some doubt.

Mound Assignment to Sophomore

Coach Mitchell indicated his intention yesterday afternoon of giving the assignment for mound duty to one of his Sophomore hurlers, either to W. K. Page '31 or to W. H. MacHale '31. If the former pitches, it will be his first start of the year against real competition, though he went the route against Georgetown a fortnight ago, limiting them to six hits. The portsider also pitched two innings against the Purple last Saturday, during which time no Holy Cross man completed the circuit. MacHale probably will be held in the relief role. The sorrel-topped righthander has improved steadily throughout the year, and is now closely pressing Howard Whitmore '29 as the leading Crimson hurler.

Purple Portsider May Deliver

The southpaw Nekola, reputed to be the best pitcher in college circles with ten victories and no defeats to his credit, may start, but it is more probable that Hebert, a right hander, will try to repeat his feat of last week. The University mentor will place B. H. Ticknor '31 in the sinister garden regardless of Coach Barry's selection.

The Holy Cross offense will take about the same form as in last week's fray, excepting the possible placing of Cahill for Shanahan at the hot corner of the diamond.

Bassett Returns to Center Post

The Crimson defensive will be greatly strengthened this afternoon when B. H. Bassett '31 one of the best ground coverers in Harvard baseball returns to his position in centerfield. He will in all probability, lead off. J. D. Dudley '81 will once more do the backstop work. The rest of the Harvard lineup remains intact for today's crucial clash.