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To the Editor of the CRIMSON:

We think the CRIMSON right in its evaluation of a distinguished faculty as the greatest asset of Harvard. But does one light a candle and hide it under a bushel?

In a university as large as Harvard, the student, even a confirmed Vagabond, finds it impossible to know by sight the greater number of the faculty even in his own department.

In University publications some space is given over to pictures of the University plant "Memorial Hall by Moonlight", "Massachusetts Hall, Oldest University Building", etc.--but nowhere can the student find similar aids to the recognition of distinguished (and other) faculty members.

He cannot know how often in the Georgian he has spilled the coffee of the head of the Classical Department, or that the man whose hat has just blown off is Professor Whitehead.

Now, it seems to us that the University should yearly issue such a "Guide to the Faculty", with brief notes accompanying each photo. (To have maximal value, the photos should have been taken within a year or so of publication.)

The CRIMSON might well pinch-hit by running a Who's Who series (say two or three pictures daily) in its columns. This would be a decided service to the University community. Very truly yours.   Paul H. Flint '30.   Robert Merritt '30.