In the Graduate Schools

Open Lecture at Medical School Will be Given Tomorrow Afternoon

"The Causes of High Blood Pressure: Its Prevention and Management" will be the subject of the third of a series of addresses offered by the Faculty of the Harvard Medical School, to be given tomorrow afternoon at 4 o'clock at the Medical School on Longwood Avenue by Dr. Soma Weiss. The lecture will be open to the public.

In prefacing his lecture, Dr. Weiss says, "The public in recent years has become increasingly interested in the problem of 'high blood pressure'. It is often dreaded as one of the gravest diseases of our modern life. This widespread curiosity and fear has some foundation; for indeed, high blood pressure if present over a prolonged period of time is evidence of a serious degenerative state of the blood vessels of the body. The significance of prolonged high blood pressure lies in the fact that it is an early and sensitive index of diseased blood vessels."

After presenting the fundamentals of the circulatory system, Dr. Weiss will discuss the causes of high blood pressure and its complications. From this he will proceed to a consideration of preventative measures and methods of treatment when prevention has failed or has not been attended to.

The next lecture in this series will be delivered next Sunday by Dr. Maurice Fremont-Smith '13 on the subject, "Nerves and Nervous Diseases", and will be followed by eight more lectures, to be given every Sunday afternoon until March 23.