New Secret Society Enters Lists to Champion the "Goodies" and Cleanliness-Mysterious Midnight Aid Campaign Started

"H. S. W. P. A. S. Clean Up Widener! Two cents would keep a scrub woman scrubbing for an hour. Would you give two cents for cleanliness? Give till you're cleaned!"

Dirty grey placards bearing this in scrimption proclaimed to the waking world this morning that, after all, human hearts do beat in the shadows of Harvard.

Citizens of Cambridge and the College who were abroad at 12 o'clock last night report seeing old men disguised as Dutch Cleanser Maids chasing dirt (they denied membership in the Watch and Ward Society) and stopping in their passing to affix these same posters in places of vantage. One of the nightly messengers, engaged in launching the midnight attack of the Harvard Scrub Woman's Protective Aid Society, when surprised in the let of setting up one of the organization's polices became agitated, and mounting a scrubbing brush rode rapidly away in all directions.

The present plans of this new society include a meeting of its directors, with beards, tomorrow to discuss the problem of the disposal of funds received from their hasty campaign to bring relief to the goodies." The philanthropists backing the organization, though maintaining as discreet a silence on their activities as University Hall, transmitted a statement to the press which emphasized the spontaneous, intermittent, passing quality of the organization and denied sponsoring the delegation of women who appeared at Lehman Hall yesterday. They have not yet made an estimate as to the amount of relief they will be enabled to extend the scrub women as the Dutch Cleanser Collection Boxes had not been gathered when they made their statement. All efforts to discover the identify of the Board of Directors proved of little avail as there have been no resignations as yet. It has been learned, however that there are 13 members on the board.

The directors plan to bring their which wind drive to a close with a canvass of Harvard Square by brush-men who have expressed their willingness to do what ever possible to help the society in us work of aiding the women cleaners.