The adjoining letter to the CRIMSON urging a pictorial guide to the Faculty was prompted by the prevalent feeling that the teachers at Harvard as far as any personal contact is concerned, are as distant from their auditors as the actors in a theatre from their audience. It is not so much merely facial recognition of the professors, which is to be desired, but more intimate acquaintance with the individual members of the instructing staff.

It is one of the misfortunes of a large college that there is so little rapprochement between instructor and student, and it is one of the objects of the house plan to bring them in closer touch. The Faculty Teas, which were instituted for this purpose, fall somewhat short of their aim because, in the crowd and bustle of the Union Living Room, little else is possible but, an introduction to the Department members which attend. But various members of the Faculty, among them Professors Hooking and Whitehead, supplement these mass gatherings by extending invitations to visit them to students in their courses. Perhaps it is difficult to evoke any considerable response to such invitations from the Harvard undergraduate. But the attempt is certainly to be commended, and it is hoped, emulated.