In a one-sided encounter the University soccer team on Saturday chalked up its second victory of the season, trouncing the Bridge water Normal eleven 4 to 0. The issue of the contest, played on the Business School field, was not in doubt after the first few minutes of action, for Coach Carr's charges kept the ball in Bridge water territory consistently.

Harvard's four scores were contributed by D.M. Frame '32 and W. D. Vogel ocC. The first tally came towards the end of the first period, when Frame received a pass from Grover, right outside forward, and booted the ball in. Vogel, back in the line-up after suffering an injury in an early practice session, took a pass from Frame for the second score. A free kick by Carter was intercepted in mid-air by Frame, who drove the ball past the Bridge water goalie. Vogel booted the final counter in the last period.

Second Victory of Season

This was the second victory of the season for the University eleven, which overcame Wesleyan 3 to 1 in the opening contest, and lost by the same score to a graduate team.

The summary for Saturday's game follows: HARVARD  BRIDGEWATER Faude, g.  g., Nardell Catinella, Heard, l.f.b.  r.f.b., Spracklin DesRoches, r.f.b.  l.f.b., Carroll Bland, Chapple, l.h.b.  r.h.b., Averill Carter, c.h.b.  c.h.b., Bearse Carter, Waters, Howe, r.h.b.  l.h.b., Welch, Aherne Vogel, Wright, c.f.  c.f., Cullen Schumacher, l.o.f.  r.o.f., Altler, Shockley Frame, l.i.f.  r.i.f., Carrero Grover, Carrigan, r.o.f.  l.o.f., Nagle Eaton, Dorman, r.i.f.  l.i.f., Fanning

Score--Harvard 4, Bridge water Normal 0, Goals--Frame 2, Vogel 2. Referee--Robert Mills. Time--Four 22-minute quarters.