University and Freshman Squads, are Still Small--1932 Looking Forward to Good Season

The tentative schedule for the first University boxing team, subject to the approval of the Committee on the Regulation of Athletic Sports, was announced yesterday by Coach L. J. Conley as follows:

February 14, Dartmouth at Hanover; March 7, M.I.T.; March 19, Yale.

Because of the difficulties of unearthing latent talent, neither squad will be out before February 7. Conley states both squads lack 115-pound material. One hundred candidates have reported for the University squad and Conley expects 250 more.

Freshmen prospects are more promising than the University's. Among the 1934 aggregation is P. H. Hines, winner of the 1929 Massachusetts State Amatour Boxing Championship.

A list of the Freshman candidates follows:

P. J. Bruno, S. C. Grandberg, W. H. Johnson, Julius Kaplan, J. R. McGrath, D. L. McVichie, K. L. Riley, C. E. Scribner, A. M. Stone, J. P. H. Chandler, G. C. Dogle, Clarence Flashman, W. H. Gibson, M. A. Lamb, L. A. S. McCabe, S. C. Monroe, Wilfred Owen, R. C. Phillips, Edward Rollins, J. B. Russell, A. R. D. Sutton, R. J. Towne, A. C. Wolf, S. E. Ach, D. L. Bernstein, W. R. Boose, Abraham Cone, J. D. Fisher, W. K. Hayes, E. R. Heath, John Maler, W. R. Reed, C. J. Tannenbaum, A. J. Creidenberg, R. E. Eby, J. A. Goldberg, B. V. Jager, H. M. Lawn, W. P. McAdams, R. J. Makowsky, E. P. Morse, R. H. Paradise, E. J. Rogers, J. T. Sapienza, P. H. Hines.