Harvard Team Upholds Standards of New World in Meeting Tonight With Men From Cornell

Broadcasting through the WNAC studio of the Shepard Stores tonight from 9.30 to 10.30 o'clock, the University debating team will take the negative side of the proposition "Resolved. That the foreign indictments of American culture are justified" in a debate with Cornell.

R. E. Rogers 'OS, professor of English at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and best known for his advising college men to be snobs, will be chairman of the debate and guide the radio audience, which is to act as judges.

Coached by A. G. Kulp, of the Graduate School of Political Science, and three years a member of the debating team and the Congress Debating Society of the University of Oklahoma, the University team consists of F. C. Fiechter, Jr. '32, H. C. Friend '31, and R. B. Eckles '32.

Flechter, secretary-treasurer of the Harvard Debating Council, will be the lead-off man. The second negative, Friend, won the Coolidge debating prize in his Freshman year and took part in the Classical Club's production of Menaechmi. Eckles, who is alternate, was chairman of the Freshman debating team, and recipient of the Pasteur Debating Prize.

Upholding the affirmative side of the question for Cornell are E. T. Horn and Francis Drake, who took this side in debating the same subject with an All-German Universities team at Ithaca.

Typical sources of foreign indictments of American culture are Andre Seigfried, Aldous Huxley, Count Keyserling and Lord Bryce