Freshman and Minor Sports Teams Engage in Full Weekend

Freshman Ice Forces Blank Green Team in Tilt at Garden

Scoring a goal in each period, the Harvard Freshman hockey team defeated the Dartmouth first year men, 3 to 0, at the Garden Saturday afternoon. J. W. Putnam '33, cousin of Eliot Putnam of the University team, scored two goals.

Two successive penalties cleared the way for the first counter, which was scored after several scrimmages in front of the Dartmouth net by Putnam on a pass from M. B. Stone, Jr. '33. Putnam scored again in the middle of the second period after rushing for the length of the rink and temporarily losing the puck Harvard continued to carry the game to the Dartmouth end for the rest of the period, but several dangerous shots were blocked by Rocker, the Indian goalie, although a four man attack was used Dartmouth failed to score.

The summary: HARVARD '33  DARTMOUTH '33 Everett, Stone, l.w.  r.w., Facgre, Dickson Baldwin, Putnam. c.  c., Manchester, Hall Pell, Wolcott, r.w.  l.w., Jackson, Newell David, Benson, l.d.  r.d., Furbush, Foley Bailey, Clement, r.d.  l.d., MacGregor, Foley Bartol, g.  g., Rocker

Score--Harvard '33 3. Dartmouth '33 0 Goals--First period: Putnam (7.30) Second period: Putnam (8.28). Third period: Wolcott (6.28). Penalties Hall (tripping): MacGregor (illegal check) Clement (illegal check) Referee Frederick Roque and F. W. Foley, B. A. A. Time Three 20-minute periode.