The end of March inevitably brings the first announcement of Class Day preparations. Once more tickets will be designed, the bacalaureate hymn will be written, and the Seniors will be measured for cap and gown. The annual Senior Spread, the dancing on the Delta, and the temporary metamorphosis of Memorial Hall will once again contribute to the Commencement tradition.

This Class Day, however, will carry with it a peculiar significance that will set it apart from the long line that has preceded it. This year marks the last time that the unity of the Senior class is preserved by the custom of rooming in the Yard. The House Plan, in order to obtain the desired cross-section of College classes, will give the Commencement Exercises an appeal to the individual about to graduate, rather than to the class. Whether this influence, will be small or large, good or bad, it is safe to say that, in the future, classes will graduate from a different tradition and with a different background of common experience.