Paul Morand, French novelist quoted in a Boston newspaper, confirms the belief that most muses, at least, are mercenary. According to this Parisian observer. The United States is not the big adolescent boor that it used to be. Newly-graduated students of American Universities who have returned from abroad suave, polished, and touched with Europe will be pained to hear that culture passed them by on their first voyage, going the other way.

Optimistic and startling is this picture of God's country, once strong, silent and barbarous, now given over to good wines, good drams, and the niceties of the tender passion. It is pleasant to find that even the French, recognized specialists along those lines, realize that another well-populated nation has learned how to make love. This transportation and transplanting of the gentler arts of living to blossom like a rose even in the desert lands around Salt Lake City marks another triumph under the banner of the dollar sign. Bitter will be American globe-trotters and steamship lines when the culture-minded will see America last as well as first and hesitate to venture into barbarous and depleted Europe. Thanks are due to M. Morand who finally has made the startling discovery that the red Indian and the bucking broncho are no longer prevalent in this country.