Cadets Edge Out Foilsmen by Strength in Epee

After easily overcoming Army in the foils, 6 to 3, the Harvard fencing team weakened in the epee and sabres to lose their first meet Saturday at West Point, 9 to 8.

At Hemenway Gymnasium the University Seconds defeated the Norwich second team, 5 to 4, in a meet limited to foils.

The summary of the University meet:

Foils: H. B. Wesselman '31 defeated Wehle (A), 5-4, and Farris (A), 5-0, H. C. Cassidy '31 defeated Dohs (A), 5-3. J. D. Allen Jr. '32 defeated Heiss (A), 5-4, Dohs (A), 5-4, and Wehle (A), 5-1. Heiss (A), defeated Wesselman 5-4 and Cassidy 5-0, Wehle (A), defeated Cassidy 5-4.

Epee: F. C. Fiechter Jr. '32 defeated Mitchell (A), 1-0. Mitchell (A), defeated J. J. Mackin '32, 1-0. Weber (A), defeated Fiechter 1-0, and Mackin, 1-0.

Sabres: L. C. Winter '31 defeated Kunzig (A), 5-4, Kunzig (A), defeated W. M. Wing '31, 5-0. East (A), defeated Winter, 5-3, and Wing, 5-0.