The imminence of divisionals again emphasizes the overloading of Seniors concentrating in literature. In the last month of preparation for general examinations, there is also the unfortunate necessity of carrying regular course work. The system which now obtains in the literature departments allows only those who secure honor grades in divisionals to be exempted from final course examinations. But even this intended boon comes too late, for only after the period of stress is over, may one hope for the empty favor of exemption from finals which are already half prepared.

In some departments, however, such as History, Government, and Economics, no final examinations are held for Seniors in courses in this field of concentration. The obvious advantage of this method is that it permits Seniors to give their whole energy after the April hour examinations to a review for May divisionals.

The natural similarity of the field of literature with the Departments of History, Government, and Economics leads one to believe that the progressive methods of one field might well be shared by all the others. Literature presents no special feature not found in these other departments which omit their final examinations. Abolition of final examinations for Seniors in the field of literature is a logical phase in the development of the Harvard educational scene.