"Record" Topped Choate "News" After Latter Won Three Times--Contest Established Four Years Ago

More than thirty preparatory school newspapers have been invited to enter the annual competition for the CRIMSON Cup awarded each year to the school submitting the three best issues. The selection of the winner by a committee of CRIMSON officers will be made shortly after the first of May and the presentation of the cup to the editor of the successful paper is scheduled to take place at the annual CRIMSON dinner later in the month.

The judging of the comparative merits of the newspapers submitted is based on various essentials including news matter, writing, headlines, makeup, appearance, editorial subjects and style, as well as accuracy in covering stories and other fundamental features of good reporting. The papers are considered as a whole and little attempt is made to judge by strict percentages in the various departments. The three issues submitted by the schools are to be consecutive in order that the judgement may have as its foundation the general standards of the periodical rather than erratic excellency, which might be the case if any three issues could be submitted.

The competition, which is limited to publications in the Eastern Federation of School Newspapers was instituted by the Senior Editors of the Class of 1926 who created a fund from which successive Senior boards might draw in order to present a silver trophy to the best paper. For three years the Choate News presented the most excellent issues and thereby automatically eliminated itself from last seasons competition. The winner of the trophy for 1928-29 was the Hotchkiss Record, student publication of Hotchkiss School, Lakeville, Connecticut. This year, which is the fifth since the award was instituted, the Choate News will again be eligible for competition.