Having settled his affairs in Colorado to the apparent satisfaction of the general public in that state, Mr. Lindsey is at present offering to the more or less unenlightened sections of the country an opportunity for a close-up of the views which have heretofore afforded him such a goodly share of the limelight. Chief among these, is one which bears upon a problem as complex and important as any which arise to startle the ordinary complacent modern individual. There is perhaps no subject of greater interest to the college student than that of morality vs. the present day economic and social structure; and with the increasing insignificance of a mere diploma and the necessity for some kind of graduate work, the need of a solution becomes over more obvious. With the true courage born of despair, Mr. Lindsey has sought to attain in a single bound to a peak which it will doubtless require several generations of laborious effort to reach with any degree of security. Unfortunately, the gullet of the general public is of conservative dimensions, and has never yet been known to swallow reform in large and radical chunks. And for all Mr. Lindsey's cramming, it probably never will. There will unquestionably come a time when youth will be served, but Mr. Lindsey must bide his time.