The opening chapter in the history of English rugby football at Harvard will begin next Saturday, when the first team that Harvard has ever had will travel to New Haven to meet the Yale fifteen.

Late last fall rugby enthusiasm was first aroused by T. L. Jarman 1G, a graduate of New College, Oxford, and a Davison scholar at Harvard. In a short article published in the CRIMSON Jarman made the proposals for a team, inviting those interested to come out and learn the game. Practice began early this spring when a squad of about 30 men reported for the team.

Elis Well-Organized

At Yale rugby has had an early start. At present there is a regular Yale team which had the benefit of practice last fall, and which has played three games already this spring. In the first, with the United States Marines of Philadelphia, the blue forces were the winners by a 8 to 0 margin. In their second game, with a Montreal team, the Yale aggregation tied the Canadians eight all. The only defeat so far for Yale was their game with the New York Nomads, which they lost 11 to 8.

Although the Harvard team is an unknown quantity, the general belief is that the Crimson group should have the edge over Yale due to a superior forward line, which has been developed into a powerful unit during the practice sessions.

The complete Harvard lineup for Saturday's game, which is scheduled to start at 4 o'clock, is as follows:

Forwards: Elmore, Vice-captain, Fry, Griffith, White, Burrage, Witt, Straus, and Farris: Half backs: Kirkland. Carter; Three-quarter backs: Newt, Cary, Williams, and Captain Snelling; Full back: Carter.