The Student Vagabond


10 o'clock

"The Soviet Union", Mr. Karpovich, Sever 25.

"La Critique en France au XIX Siecle", Professor Morize, Harvard 6.

"Aims and Methods of German Expressionism", Professor Burkhard, Germanic Museum 1.

11 o'clock

"Art of the Period of the Catholic Reformation". Professor Edgell, Emerson J.

"Classical influence in Soventeenth Century English Literature", Professor Peterkin, Sever 18.

12 o'clock

"Budgeting and Accounting", Professor Reed, Harvard 6.

"Age of Queen Victoria", Professor Whitney, Harvard 2.

"Early English Renaissance Architecture", Professor Edgell, Robinson Hall.


9 o'clock

"The Fall of the Empire", Mr. Hammond, Sever 18.