With childish faith in the innate goodness of man, the Student Council's committee on elections has again this year mailed out ballots which require no signature form the student casting the vote. A new precedent was set last year when ballots did not require signatures to be valid, and the Council was properly-chided for believing that even the comparatively pure campus elections had achieved the millenium of political honesty.

The members of this year's Council, besides exhibiting naivety the equal of its predecessors' a year ago, are even more to be blamed, for they have failed to profit from experience. Already rumors are current of activities taking advantage of the Student Council's lack of foresight and judgment. Is it too early to disillusion those who may run next year's elections and suggest that space for signatures be included on the Student Council ballots in 1931, in accordance with the practice in force in all other class and college elections?