Majestic: "Bird in Hand". Reviewed in this issue. 8:25.

Wilbur: Jane Cowl in "Twelfth Night". The highly articulate and manual Miss Cowl giving a really good performance. 8:20.

Plymouth: "Miss Gulliver's Travels". To be reviewed. 8:15.

Hollis: "Subway Express". To be reviewed. 8:20.


Colonial: "Sweet Adeline". Helen Morgan et al in a not unusual musical production. 8:15.

Shubert: "Princess Charming". Also musical and likewise not astounding. 8:15.

Lyric: "Blackbirds". A musical show of some color. 8:15.


Tremont: "Hell's Angels". Reviewed in this issue. 2:20 and 8:20.

Fenway: Ruth Chatterton in "Anybody's Woman". A thoroughly good movie done in the now well-known Chatterton fashion.

Metropolitan: "Three Faces East". Constance Bennett and Eric von Stroheim doing their bit.

Keith-Albee: "He Knew Women" with Lowell Sherman. Reviewed in this issue.

Keith's: "Africa Speaks". Excitement a In jungle.

University: "One Romantic Night" with Lillian Gish and Marie Dressler which should be at least entertaining. Also Bebe Daniels in "Lawful Larceny".

Central Square: Richard Dix in "Shooting Straight" and Dorothy Mackail in "The Love Racket". Both interesting.