In The Graduate Schools

17 Also Elected to Board of Student Advisers

Announcement was made yesterday of the election to the editorial board of the Harvard Law Review of four third year men and 16 second year men who will write cases and notes for the Review during the coming year. These men were selected on the basis of scholastic competition and all have 'A' ratings.

The new editors are as follows: Bailey Aldrich 2L, Frederick Baum 2L E. J. Brown 3L, Max Freund 2L, R. W. Hankins 2L, D. L. Kreeger 2L, L. S. Lesser 3L, S. H. Levt 2L, H. S. Marks 2L; A. M. Miller 2L, H. P. Moulton 3L, John Mulford 2L, A. A. Raum 2L, George Rosier 3L, L. P. Shoene 2L, Joseph Shulsky 2L, M. H. Siegel 2L, R. L. Stern 2L, E. I. Willis 2L, W. S. Youngman Jr. 2L.

On the recommendation of Dean Pound the Faculty has also appointed 17 men, who are next in the rank list, to the Board of Student Advisers which will assist students in preparing their arguments and briefs. R. S. Garson 3L is chariman of the board. The other 16 men are: C. C. Alpern 2L, T. M. Banks 3L, C. I. Blair 3L, T. H. Eliot 2L, P. H. Gibson 3L, B. M. Goodman 3L, S. S. Tanney 2L, T. F. King 3L, D. T. Maxwell 3L, T. D. Merriam 3L, Norman Newmaek 3L, T. H. Nichols 2L, T. B. Shea 3L, David Shea 3L, R. A. Warren 3L, Nathan Witt 3L.

The Harvard Law Review is a monthly magazine published by memebers of the law school who write cases and briefs. Articles are also written by professors or by other authorities on law subjects.