University and Freshman Grapplers Chosen After Eliminations--Team Faces Springfield Friday

During the last week-end the University's teams entered in minor sports succeeded in winning two swimming meets, two polo games, two wrestling meets, a basketball game, and nine squash matches.

Basketball Team

Beats Vermont

Leading at the half-time by a score of 17 to 10, the Harvard University quintet held off a desperate Vermont rally last Saturday night, January 10, for a final victory of 31 to 28. From a straggling start, the Crimson basketmen had the situation well in hand at the beginning of the second period, but the appearance of the second-string men on the floor spurred the players from Burlington to a spurt which threatened the Harvard ascendency.

The Crimson playing was marked by the brilliant scoring ability of Captain T.E. Farrell '31, and of W. J. Holland '32, who each tallied 12 counts.

The Summary: HARVARD  VERMONT Pattison, Matursevitch, Dutton, l.f.  r.f., Tupper, Winant, Pires Holland, Schroeder, Altman, r.f.  l.f., Pires, Durfey, Sargent Sponaugle, Rauh, Upton, c.  c., Durfey, Sargent Rageman, Appelbum, l.r.  r.g. Taft Farrell, Huppuch, r.g.  l.g., Taft, Tobin, Talber

Score Harvard 31, Vermont 28, Goals--Farrell 6, Holland 5, Matursevitch 1, Pires 3, Tobin 2, Durfey 1, Sargent 1, Talber 1, Taft 1, Winant 1, Fouls--Hageman 3, Holland 2, Matursevitch 1, Pattison 1, Taft 4, Pires 3, Sargent 1, Referee--Henry McGuiness, Umpire--Thomas Murphy. Time--two 20-minute periods.


Wrestling Elimination

Bouts Completed

Last Friday, January 9, the elimination bouts for the University and Freshman wrestling teams were run off, with the first match of the season scheduled for Friday, January 16, at 7 o'clock in the evening. Springfield will be the University's first opponent for the season of 1931. The following have been selected for the two teams:

University--118-pound, W. C. Evans '31, by decision; 126-pound, Arthur Klein '32, by default; 135-pound, J.H. Crandon '33, by a fall; 145-pound, P.O. Johnson '33, by a fall; 155-pound, O.E. Goddard '33, by decision; 165-pound, W. A. Robertson, by default; 175-pound, G. L. Graves '32, by a fall; unlimited, R. W. Straus '31, by a fall.

Freshman--118-pound, R. D. Tucker '34, by decision; 126-pound, Harold Frankel '34, by decision; 135-pound class, E. W. Chard '34, by a fall; 145-pound, J. U. White '34, by a fall; 155-pound class, Stanton Whitney, Jr. '34, by a fall; 165-pound, C. B. Burbank, unopposed; 175-pound, R. G. Ames '34, by a fall; unlimited, Gridley Barrows '34, by a fall.


University and 1934

Squash Teams Win

With a 4 to 1 victory, the University squash team defeated Newton Centre Saturday in Class A of the Massachusetts Squash Racquets League to increase their already large lead in that class. In Class B, Lincoln's Inn, the University Law School's team, conquered the Walkover Club with a score of 5 to 0, while the University team defeated Newton Centre, at Newton Centre, 3 to 2.

The University Freshman team succeeded in defeating M.I.T. 9 to 5 on M.I.T.'s courts in Class D, Division A, while in Division B of the same class, the University team beat the Weston Golf Club 3 to 2, Harvard Medical School won over Newton Centre 5 to 0, and the Lincoln's Inn team won over the Walkover Club with a score of 3 to 2.

In Class D, Division A, the Harvard Freshmen downed M.I.T 4 to 1, and the Harvard Business School Faculty defeated the M.I.T. Freshmen 4 to 1.