Since the beginning of the reading period the number of students that make use of the facilities of the main reading room of Widener has quadrupled. Because of this the conditions for studying are far from ideal. Not the least obstacle to concentration is the loud, and for the most part unnecessary, talking of those who stroll among the tables and converse with friends. An equally annoying abuse is the unsportsmanlike practice of taking more books from the shelves than can be used at one time. This is a method of insuring a book for use, but if the book can not be read for some time the fair thing to do is to leave it where others may use it. In addition there is a large number that place hats and coats on the tables, leaving little space for writing or reading. The library officials have done all in their power to extend the facilities of Widener to those who study there. It now remains for the students to lessen their own burden by displaying a modieum of thoughtfulness and consideration.