Large Number of Articles of Dress Were Collected for Needy Students

Statistics on the results of the annual clothing drive sponsored by the Phillips Brooks House Association have been disclosed by the committee in charge. The drive took place during the week of December 15 to 20, under the supervision of student volunteers headed by B. C. Meyer '32.

Burlap bags which had been distributed in all the college dormitories for fall contributions were collected during that period, and their contents checked after the Christmas vacation. The following is the list of contributions:' 16 overcoats, 26 suits, 65 single coats, 40 single vests, 70 trousers, 5 sweaters, 4 raincoats, 65 shirts, 85 articles of underwear, 250 ties, 35 collars, 65 hats and caps, 74 pairs of shoes, 40 pairs of socks, 400 books, and 1 1-2 tons of magazines.

The articles which have been received have been sorted into taree lots. The better clothing has been placed in the basement of the Phillips Brooks House at the disposal of needy Harvard students. The remainder of the clothing has been sent to the Morgan Memorial Foundation, which will distribute it among destitute families.