More Lack of Activity


Response to appeals for candidates in extra-curricular activities competitions by the class of 1934, as compared to recent years, has been gratifying, although leaving a wide margin for improvement. Compared to the records of the classes of 1932 and 1933 this same record seems an Utopian ideal realized.

No more flagrant instances of the failure of the above classes to respond need be cited to illustrate this point than the two occuring within the past two weeks. The Athletic Council wisely revised the rules for managerial competition last year, making these competitions less arduous and more simple for the non-fraternity men at the same time. The council hoped by doing this to stimulate interests.... its roward last week was a handful of Sophomores in answer to its request. The Musical Clubs at the same time announced a competition leading directly to the position of Assistant Manager. NOT A SINGLE JUNIOR responded to the first call, although eight Seniors answered a like request six weeks before.

This inexcusable attitude, on the part of 1932 and 1933 men, of "letting the other fellow do it" is difficult to explain. The competitions in extra-curricular activities at the University are conducted with comparative fairness and impartiality. Rewards are in a direct ratio to sustained effort. Whether the classes of 1932 and 1933 are not capable of sustained effort, or whether they are merely incapable of any effort at all, is a question. Certainly the failure to show interest can not be excused on the grounds of inexperience for experience is not necessary.

Recent developments in class politics indicated that the non-fraternity men even while speaking in terms of proportional representation back those of their number whose other activities have first proven their abilities. Comparatively few non-fraternity men are among these competing in the various activities this fall. If the non-fraternity man is to occupy more positions politically he will find it necessary to lend more support to campus activity as a basis for political honors.

Without support the extra-curricular activity is doomed to mediocrity. Is there no place in the modern University for these instructive and interesting projects? We wonder. Brown Herald.