Giving special attention to the development of the B and C teams, Coach Casey put the University football squad through the first strenuous workout of the week yesterday. The major emphasis of the afternoon's practice was placed on fundamentals since these were some-what ragged in the final quarter of last Saturday's game. Tackling in particular was stressed, for the deficiency was most evident in that department.

Following the drill, the B and C elevens had an hour's hard scrimmage with the University Seconds while the A Team, with Ben Ticknor at center, ran through signals. No scores were kept but the B and C teams displayed a more impressive offensive punch than they have shown all season. The coaches were especially pleased with the blocking of the reserves. Pescosolido, nimble Sophomore back, was outstanding among the backs, while the veteran linesmen, Kuehn and Finlayson, as well as the newly promoted forwards, Brooks and Simmons, did good work on the line.

Moushegian, Talbot, and Esterly were the only Crimson gridders not in uniform yesterday. None of them will see action in the contest with the Southerners. With the excellent brand of play shown by the reserve teams lately, it would not be surprizing if Coach Casey gives one of them the first call against Virginia.

The lineup:

Team A--Nazro, l.e.; Hardy, l.t.; Ginman, l.g.; Ticknor, c.; Kales, r.g.; Kopans, r.t.; Hageman, r.e.; Wood, q.b.; Mays, l.h.b.; Schereschewsky, r.h.b.; White, f.b.

Team B--Record, l.e.; Faxon, l.t.; Healey, l.g.; Cunningham, Casey, c.; Rogers, r.g.; Bancroft, r.t.; Francisco, r.e.; Wells, q.b.; Dean, l.h.b.; Peter, r.h.b.; Nevin, f.b.

Team C--Cassedy, Lowe, l.e.; Finlayson, l.t.; Brookes, l.g.; Crane, c.; Simmons, r.g.; Kuchn, r.t.; Werner, r.e.; Whitney, q.b.; Leonard, l.h.b.; Pescosolido, r.h.b.; Waters, f.b.