Candidates Gather at 6.45 O'Clock in Music Building--Concerts to be Given in Andover, Chicago, Detroit

Trials open to all members of the University for admission to the Harvard University Instrumental Clubs will begin tonight at 6.45 o'clock at the Music Building. Tryouts will also be held tomorrow at the same time. Candidates for the position of assistant manager will report at these trials.

On December 11, for the first time in several years, the Clubs will journey to Andover, appearing at the Commander Hotel on December 18. Before this date the instrumentalists will make several appearances in the immediate vicinity.

The annual trip of the Clubs during the Christmas vacation includes stops at Chicago and at Detroit. As usual, fifty men, chosen for their ability and regularity of attendance at rehearsals will make the trip.

The Club offers a berth to capable performers on any type of instrument. There is also a place for those who have amusing skits or feats of legerdemain to offer. A large part of the programs presented consists of specialty hets.