The death of Dwight W. Morrow taken from America one of her most able, most honest servants. His manifold abilities enabled him to rise to positions of trust and respect in the varied walks of life which were his. For a time he was an influential member in one of the country's most time honored financial houses. From thence he departed to assume the difficult post of ambassador to a foreign nation which he filled with tact and understanding. And in London he struggled to further the cause of peace while representing the United States with dignity and ability. More recently he served his state and his party as a Republican Senator from New Jersey, a service which he was to repeat in December.

Such a record can not be enhanced by words of praise. It bespeaks a life dedicated to the happiness of a people and the betterment of a nation. His every action was governed by those principles of honesty and sincerity which are the most cherished qualities of every public figure. The life and the high achievements of Mr. Morrow are the most noble and enduring monument that can be erected to his memory.