English A Comes Second in Total of Students--French 2 and German A Most Popular Language Courses.

For the first time in several years History 1 leads all other courses in the College with an enrollment of 749 students, white English A rates second with 659, according to figures announced yesterday in University Hall.

On account of the fact that all Freshmen are required to take English A who did not receive 75 or above in the College Entrance Examination, this course usually has the largest enrollment of any. Although Economics A is not a Freshman course, and in spite of the fact that there has been a decrease of 52 since last year, the figures show that it ranks third with a total of 492. Government follows closely with 460. The two most popular Freshman language courses, French 2 and German A claim 463 and 436 respectively. Mathematics A comes midway between the two with 437.