Sophomores Try for News, Business, and Photographic Boards--Juniors Write Editorials

Members of the Class of 1934 will be given their last chance to compete for the Business and News Boards of the CRIMSON, while Juniors will have their final opportunity to make the Editorial Board of the CRIMSON by entering a competition which opens next Monday evening, November 23; at 7.30 o'clock in the President's Office of the CRIMSON Building, on Plympton Street.

Few undergraduates realize the mechanism of an undergraduate news paper: even fewer know what, for instance, is done to publish an extra, such as will appear Saturday afternoon after the Yale game. Behind the workings of the CRIMSON there is much of interest, without the routine drudgery of a metropolitan newspaper.

Work of Candidates

Candidates for the Business Board of the paper spend their time in contact with advertisers; they have, of course, certain routine duties, but their own originality and ideas, are the most important qualities necessary to make the Board. As for the News Board of the Paper, no previous experience is at all needed. During the first week of the competitions, candidates spend their time becoming accustomed to their work, and are expected merely to learn the fundamentals. In the News competition, candidates are given certain assignments to cover; first days of the work are devoted to mastering matters of form and manner of obtaining stories. After that time, competitors find they have ideas for interviews, or information on news, or other "scoops", which are not under any listed assignments; these ideas may give extra credit, and become goals for which the candidate aims.