12 Colleges to Send Representatives to Meetings

Delegates having been summoned from a dozen New England colleges, the Student Disarmament Conference will be held on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, December 3, 4, and 5 under the auspices of the Fellowship of Reconciliation and the League of Nations Association, in the Copley Methodist Church, Boston.

Among the colleges and universities that will be represented by approximately eight or ten delegates each, are Boston University, Emerson, Harvard, Northeastern, Radcliffe, Simmons, Smith, Technology, Tufts, Wellesley, and Wheaton. All the delegates representing Harvard are to be assembled by the Liberal Club.

The programme of the conference, which not more than 350 delegates will attend, will include as address by S.B. Fay '96, professor of History, speeches by other authorities not yet selected, and forums, discussions, and entertainments.