Guests of Honor, Musical Features of Affair Made Public --Dance to Take Place Friday Evening

Three guests of honor have been invited to attend the Seventh Intercollegiate Hall on Friday evening before the Harvard--Dartmouth game, and the super Dance to be held on Saturday evening at the Copley--Plaza.

The guests will be the three leading actresses in "The Little Racketeer," Queenie Smith, Grace Hayes, and Cherrie Dale, Continuous music will be furnished by Duke Ellington and his orchestra, will be spelled by Roy Lamson's Harvardians, while a complete floor show will be staged by Coconut Grove actors.

On Saturday night the feature will be continuous buffet service serving refreshments set up in the foyer, in addition to the regular a la carte service at reserved tables. The Barbary Coast Orchestra of Dartmouth, and the Harvardians will supply the music between 7 and 12 o'clock.

Among those who will serve as patronesses are Mrs. F. W. Bennot, Mrs. C. H. Burrill, Mrs. J. H. Davis, Jr., Mrs. W. S. Finer, Mrs., G. W. Knight, Mrs. D. B. Lawson, Mrs. J. A. Lowell 2nd, Mrs. H. K. Nowhall, Mrs. W. E. Sands, and Mrs. R. W. Short.