The Harvard-Oxford debate in the first week of December will be of the split team type it was announced last night following the completion of arrangements with the English university. Under this plan, one Harvard and one Oxford man will uphold each side of the proposition and possibly a third speaker for each side will give a summary of the arguments presented by the preceding speakers.

The speeches of the debaters are to be broadcast not only in this country and England but in all of the English-speaking countries of the World, as well as France, Germany, and the whole of the British Empire.

Representing Oxford in the debate will be E. D. O'Brien and H. J. Irvine, president and librarian respectively of the Oxford Debating Union. The Harvard men have not been selected yet but a squad of seven was chosen recently and it is expected that a final choice will be made within a week or ten days. The wording of the proposition, "Resolved, That in the interests of World prosperity the war debts should be cancelled," has been approved by the Department of State and accepted by the Oxford debaters.

Contrary to the practice adopted in previous debates with Oxford, the University team will be composed entirely of undergraduates. In the last debate, which took place in 1925, students in the graduate schools were allowed to participate in order to even the odds with Oxford, but in the coming debate the college alone will be represented, in spite of the advantage which is thereby given to the visitors.

The Harvard team will be coached by E. M. Rowe '27 and J. M. Swigert '30, assisted by Assistant Professor F. C. Packard Jr. '20.