Meetings to be held as Formerly with First Session Tonight--Union with Liberal Club Called off

Having voted earlier in the year to disband, and join forces with the Liberal Club, announcement was made last night by H. T. Matson 3T.s., Chairman of the Provisional Organization Committee, that the Harvard Socialist Club will remain intact this year, and will hold its first meeting tonight at 8 o'clock in room F. Emerson Hall.

The speaker for the initial evening will be the Reverend Mr. Glen Trimble, who is now a student at the Boston University in School of Theology, and who has been active in leading picket lines and addressing mass meetings of strikers in Lawrence.

That students as well as clergymen can do effective work in helping the laborers, is shown by the fact that ready the Dean of the Boston University Theological School has received numerous anonymous letters in regard to Mr. Trimble's activities.