Last Visitor Gives Way At Midnight Before Crimson Attack--Team to Play Yale

In a long and closely contested match concluded shortly after midnight this morning, W. A. Beyer '33 of the Harvard chess team defeated Marantz of Dartmouth to climax Harvard's winnings of earlier in the evening in an overwhelming victory of five matches to one. Day was the only Dartmouth player to take a match in the course of the met.

The team will also enter the intercollegiates at New York during the Christmas vacation. Yale, Princeton, and Dartmouth will be represented at this meet.

N. E. Long '32 defeated Wood; M. A. Mergentheim '33 defeated Isaacs; V. L. Eaton '34 defeated Menndt; W. A. Boyer '33 defeated Marantz; Day defeated A. G. Malkan '33; C. J. Tanenbaum defeated Fowle.