University Trio Defeats Seconds and B. A. A.--Allen and Wesselman Win All Matches

Harvard fencers last night won the New England Junior Team Championship of the Amateur Fencers League of America in foils. The members of the first Crimson foils team, H. B. Wesselman '31, Captain H. C. Cassidy '31, and J. D. Allen, Jr. '31, won all their matches, thus clinching the Harvard title to the sliver cup awarded the winning team.

In the first match of the evening the University team defeated the Harvard Seconds, 8-1. In the second match the B. A. A. fencers trounced the Seconds, 8-1, and in the third event the B. A. A. fell before the University team 5-1.

The summary:

First match: Wesselman beat Charles Brenner '32; Gilbert Kerlin '33, and G. M. Yatsevitch '33; Allen defeated Brenner, Kerlin, and Yatsevitch; Cassidy defeated Kerlin and Yatsevitch; Brenner beat Cassidy.

Second match: Connor (B.A.A.) defeated Brenner, Kerlin, and Yatsevitch, as did Parker (B.A.A.); Altenburg (B.A.A.), defeated Yatsevitch and Brenner; Kerlin beat Altenburg (B.A.A.).

Third match: Wesselman defeated Connor and Altenburg (B.A.A.); Allen downed Parker and Altenburg; Connor (B.A.A.), defeated Cassidy; and Cassidy defeated Parker (B.A.A.).