Contestants Must Register at Holden Chapel--Prizes are $50 and $35 Respectively

Boylston and Lee Wade speaking contest applicants must register at Holden Chapel with Professor F. C. Packard, Jr., before 5 o'clock on Monday. February 23. Due to the short time remaining, applicants who wish to compete but have not yet made a selection will be given an extra week in which to have their selections approved, providing they register before 5 o'clock on Monday. Professor Packard will be at Holden Chapel from 12 to 1 o'clock today. Friday, and Monday, and also from 3 to 5 o'clock on Monday.

In order to allow adequate preparation, the preliminary contest, in which the ten finalists are chosen, will not be held before Monday, March 16. The trials will be conducted by the staff of the courses in public speaking with the assistance of the English department.

The Lee Wade prize is $50, while the Boylston prize consists of a first award of $50, and two lesser awards of $85 each.