The move in the Division of History and Literature toward holding special divisionals early in the period of concentration has resulted in a clumsy compromise. The Bible and Shakspere examinations, which originally were given with the regular divisionals at the end of the Junior year, now come in the preceding February.

How unsuitable a time this is scarcely need be pointed out. The strenuous work of the mid-year period prevents preparation for these examinations in January; and the one available week in February is of little use for the kind of study these comprehensive tests demand.

The nature of the Bible and Shakspere examinations makes leisurely reading a desirable made of preparation. Such reading could doubtless be done best during the summer vacation were it not for practical considerations which make that impossible.

Since the object of the reading in the Bible and Shakspere is to give students a background for the study of any period in the field of History and Literature, it ought to be done as early as possible. If the examinations in these subjects came in May of the Sophomore year instead of at the present inappropriate time, they would be less irritating to those who have to take them, and far more likely to fulfill their purpose.