Assistant Director of Mallinckrodt Cites Danger of Explosion -- Newer Buildings No Exception

W. A. Boughton, Assistant Director of the Mallinckrodt Chemical Laboratories, made a statement yesterday with C. R. Apted, Superintendent of Caretakers, regarding the importance of prohibiting smoking in the corridors, classrooms, and laboratories of the Chemical Building. The ruling, which has been frequently disregarded, was explained on the basis of the parietal smoking rule prevalent all over the University's buildings of study, and on account of danger from explosion.

Smoking has always been taboo in the vicinity of lecture rooms, and other places of study regardless of the fire-proof nature of the buildings, Boughton stated. The close association between the laboratories themselves, the classrooms, and the library, where smoking would be out of the question, render any exception in the case of the corridors impossible as it would be difficult to draw line where smoking should begin and end. Extra caretakers to enforce the rule are unwanted, and a burden would be placed on the cleaners.