When all of the houses are occupied next fall the traffic problem in the circle surrounding the present Freshman library will become acute. Members of Kirkland, Eliot, and part of John Winthrop Houses will have to rely for the most part on leaving their cars in this space, since parking on Memorial Drive is prohibited and Boylston Street can accommodate a comparatively small number of machines.

The present arrangement has not been entirely satisfactory even for members of the Freshman dormitories, and upon the completion of Eliot House and the Kirkland House addition, the situation will be intensified. At the noon hours in particular, there is appreciable difficulty to be encountered; next year this will be practically doubled.

Considering the large number of upperclassmen owning cars, some plan should be devised whereby more automobiles can be left in the circle without blocking the thoroughfare. The only solution would be widening the roadway enough to permit easy parking on both sides, and cutting down the sharp curve In front of Eliot House. Early action can go a long way toward preventing the annoying congestion that will result if nothing is done before next September.