American justice has been vindicated. With unusual speed and efficiency the long arm of the law has reached out and convicted one Alphonse Capone, only a year after the commission of the offense. For some time this man has been the storm center of discussion of the criminal situation. It has been whispered that he has corrupted the police, that it was impossible to convict this man, the alleged head of an enormous criminal organization. He was suspected of instigating a war of extermination with paid assassins; accused of anything except the rather minor crime of carrying concealed weapons.

Now the maligners of the good name of our own fair land stand refuted, now gangsterism will dissolve before the might of an outraged nation. The law has demonstrated its majesty, the alleged murderer stands convicted. Charge--contempt of court. Sentence--six months in prison. Present status of the prisoner--out on ball until his appeal comes up.